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Desk House - ex display

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✨ This item has been previously built and used for photography purposes only - in immaculate condition. ✨

My Mini Home’s latest product is a real command center for little ones.

Desk House is one piece of furniture that has several functions for both learning and playing. One part of its slightly sloping roof serves as a desk top. All accessories necessary for writing and drawing can be stored in the chimney placed on the roof of the house. Utensils used during play are protected against falling by a bar on the bottom of the roof.

All you have to do, is go from one side of the desk house to the other to change the character of play in a few seconds.

The other part of the roof is a chalk board – a children’s favorite. The back part of the house incorporates a bookcase for children’s books which, when placed facing forwards, encourages them to read.

The Desk House fits perfectly with our Roundabout Stool and is assembled by hand by joining the walls and the roof in designated places.

Dimensions: H 77 cm 84 cm D 71 cm Height of desk top 52 cm

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