Playful toys and décor that spark creativity

What are you doing mummy? Can I have a turn mummy? Questions I hear every day from my little boys and the best proof of how inquisitive our little ones are. It’s this curiosity that drives Wesley & George to carefully source the most playful décor, furniture and toys that create an engaging environment, spark creativity and develop little hands and minds.

Style and substance   

Let’s face it, children can be plastic magnets. I for one don’t want my home buried in a blizzard of bright coloured, man made junk! Do you feel the same way? Wesley & George have done the hard work and carefully curated collections of furniture, accessories and gifts that adults will appreciate, just as much as the kids. Life with little ones is hectic and with our range of stylish toys and accessories, there’s no need to stress about wedging every last one into the nearest cupboard when they finally go to sleep!

Investment pieces

We partner with independent brands who use sustainably sourced materials and non-toxic, child friendly paints to create unique pieces for design conscious parents. Focusing on investment pieces that can be cherished as children grow and passed on to future siblings.

From carefully chosen fittings and accessories, to custom designed pieces, we’re here for the little things ❤︎