Our (Lenny's) Christmas Picks!

It's been a crazy year, hasn't it? Who would have imagined, this time last year, that we'd be in lockdown, facing a Christmas unlike one we've experienced before?

I'll be honest, I've always been a last minute shopper of the online variety, but I know so many of you are missing the shopping experience usually associated with Christmas. 

In order to sprinkle some festive cheer, we have started our Black Friday sale early and we've brought in the big guns (aka Lenny) to pick out our most inspired gifts, from the perspective of all things little ☺️

So here we go - Lenny's top 10 picks for Christmas fun:

  1. Wooden CameraWas £48 Now £31.20
  2.  Skateboard SwingWas £109 Now £87.20
  3. Toniebox Starter Set, Was £69.95 Now £52.45
  4. Highway Rat Tonie Audio Character, Was £14.99 Now £11.25
  5. Kitchen Helper 3 in 1, Was £161 Now £128.80
  6. Mini Sir Crab, Was £55 Now £38.50
  7. Shield & Sword, Was £35 Now £25.50
  8. Lubu Town Winterburg Maxi, Was £45 Now £33.75 (Other cute colours too)
  9. Highwaykick 3 LED, Was £90 Now £67.50 (Check out those colours)
  10. Wooden Bus, Was £11 Now £8.25

We think you'll love this wonderful selection too! It's happy shopping from us, and a big thumbs up from him! 💙